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Refit Management Services

Refit schedules are always tight and therefore easily upset by even minor problems. Good Refit Management can help smooth the work, reduce or avoid the problems and have the yacht ready to rejoin its Owner or meet its next charter on time.

With the best will in the world neither the Captain, the vessel's management company nor the shipyard management can be focussed solely on one job. Experience shows that having a single central reference point - someone who is available to whom all issues and questions can be referred - really does make for a smoother running refit, getting things right first time and saving time and hence money. See box below. Every Captain and Manager knows that, even with a very detailed and specific work list, extra items inevitably appear once work has started. Unless they are closely monitored and managed, these items can soon grow into apparent delays and large, unexpected invoices.

Alexander Flemming Refits offer you the peace of mind that, whether undertaking a major refit or simple routine maintenance, you and your yacht are getting the very best out of your chosen yard and subcontractors.

The extent of our involvement on any particular project will depend very much on the style and requirements of the Owner and/or Captain, depending on how personally they want to be involved with the works and procedures. Our role may be principal or complementary.


    Some tasks that we have undertaken during refits:

  • Monitor and encourage the day to day progress of each specific task contracted to the shipyard.
  • Arrange regular progress meetings with the shipyard's management, contractors and other relevant parties as appropriate.
  • Monitor all change orders for extra or unforeseen work.
  • Provide to interested parties reports on all aspects of the refit to keep up the momentum.
  • Follow through detail work to make sure it conforms to the Owner's and Captain's requirements.
  • Keep a digital photo record of work carried out.
  • Carry out cost analysis against estimates on a regular basis to avoid any unnecessary surprises when discussing the final accounts.
  • Liase with surveyors from the Classification Societies, MCA and Radio Surveys Departments on behalf of the vessel.
  • Research and investigate products, designs and modifications, breaking them down into their fundamental specifics, so that the Owner has clear facts on which to base a choice.




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